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Extraordinary Objects.
On going project exploring objects as reposititories for memory.
To read the stories associated with the objects please
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Extraordinary Objects.

As a life-long hoarder I am fascinated by the objects that people keep around them in their homes and curious about the stories behind these treasured objects. Politeness usually prevents me from enquiring about what I notice.

I decided to develop a project, which would allow me to explore my own curiosity and also enable people to share their stories with a wider audience.

Past experience told me that most people are very reluctant to participate in portrait projects, and since it was the relationship between the object and the person that was important I decided to photograph the participants’ hands holding the object. This approach worked well and I was able work with a large number of people to gather their stories and photograph them with their objects.

Many of these stories are very poignant and the anonymity of the storytellers seemed to strengthen the impact of their stories.

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