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Blenheim Pupil Referral Unit. Rotherham 2003.

"The Magic Crystal" was an imaginative photostory that developed skills in photography, story boarding, visual communication, digital imaging (photomontage) and creative writing. I spent a year working with a teacher and 2 cohorts of young men on projects that aimed to improve engagement with learning, literacy, confidence and soft skills, creative thinking skills and ICT skills.


The programme also involved training for teaching staff.

"Seeing Through Different Eyes." March–July 2011 Belsay First School. Creative Partnerships project. Lead Artist.

Whole school Sciart project: exploring growth, predators and prey, habitat and adaptation. Collaborative drawing, collage, assemblage and photography and story making.

Year 2 & 3 First School pupils. Photography project exploring habitat, as part of a wider Key Stage 1 Science  project using visual art to develop knowledge of Habitat, Adatation and Growth. The children developed skills in the use of digital  camera's,  understanding of composition and framing  before photograping their chosen animal in a situation that could represent their habitat.

Key stage 2 children produced assemblage art inspired by the bird boxes of Joseph Cornell.  The students used photographs, images and found objects to create assemblages that told the story of a bird. The aim of the project was to encourage creative thinking, critical thought and reflection and to develop "intention" in children's approaches to creative work.

Coquet Voices Local Heritage Project

Dr Thomlinson CofE Middle School. Sept. 2012 - March 2015

Creative local heritage project, working with young people from rural Northumberland.

The project was developed by a group of Y8 & Y7 students, who decided there was a need to learn about their local heritage, and in particular, local dialect.

21 projects occurred over the 2 year programme and the whole school enjoyed 2 heritage weeks. The project was supportted by Northumberland National Park and the Heritage Lottery fund. 

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